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Physical and digital full album available at Twin Earth Records:


- SALAD DAYS, Giuseppe Picciotto, JAN 6, 2017
“The music has concentric shapes, full of pagan symbolism. Circles in the shape of coils envelop you, guitars and basses meander like a thick fog, and with martial tones inquisitors drumming leaves its mark, in the middle there is a willing victim, ready for anything, under the command of an item entrusted to the poems/chants of Cristina Chimirri, which imparts so shamanistic, sometimes ethereal seduction, sometimes with dark and piercing voices. Songs dilated, reverberant, which open paths, secreted, where getting lost is easy and pleasant to feel that pivots under the skin."

- METAL AMINO, Vile El Presidente, DEC 2, 2016
“A great band and a great listen! I mean come on you get sweet as fuck riffs that just crush you! Kick ass rhythm, and eerie yet beautiful vocals that just beckon at you."

- METAL SKUNK, Ciccio Russo, NOV 15, 2016
"We conclude with what, in my humble opinion, is one of the best debuts of the year in the field of "doom", which is the best Italian album released in 2016 as part of the genre. We are talking about the impressive selftitled lp by the sicilians HAUNTED, who is currently playing with Windhand the baton of more illustrious descendant of the various Electric Wizard imitator. Better than Dopethrone, better than the last Cough, perhaps better even of more recent material of Windhand, to which they share the balance between breakers more airy and other more riff-based, as well as the presence of a woman behind the mic, the skilled Cristina Chimirri. Precisely for this, as Nightbreed started, I jumped from the chair and in recent months I have listened to this record in loop even for five or six times in a row. Sounds, riffs, atmosphere, everything is perfect, there is everything a true follower of narcosatanism could want. These early as next year should be in the bill of the Roadburn, as far as I'm concerned. If you think I'm exaggerating, or that I have bribed Haunted with an annual supply of Nebrodi’s pork sausages and kohlrabi, listen streaming down here and tell me what you think. “

- MORE FUZZ, Mr. Heavyhead, NOV 4, 2016
"If you’re a fan of Doom Metal, particularly the one that’s somber with references to witchcraft and the occult, I think this album will be appealing to you. In the end, the guys and gal have present to the heavy underground community, one of the best releases of the year, so you better check it out!"

- DOOMBRINGER, Tiago Maglhaes, OCT 13, 2016
"That said, Haunted has what it takes to please and quality to stand out among the many releases of the year, an album that deserves to be heard in the louder volume, and is arguably one Italian Doom Metal pearl."

- STONER MOUNTAIN BLOG, Junkhead, OCT 12, 2016
"WOW! A massive, killer album. I just started listening to Haunted and I was immediately blown away. Think of it as Electric Wizard teaming up with Pentagram adding female vocals, a dark, doomy sound played in a funky, rockin' psychedelic way. I'm just addicted to their overall sound and the catchiness of each of their songs. From the hauntingly beautiful vocals to the monolithic riffs. This is exactly how we want all of our records to sound like. The buildup on this album is amazing, not just in the songs themselves or the song lengths, but the entire record. Absolutely great tunes."

- METALEYES, Alberto Centenari, OCT 12, 2016
"In our two largest islands must be born a few plants unknown to us, the tremendously hallucinogenic side effects, seen the high quality of releases in the genre, as well confirmed by this very heavy work of Haunted.
Five songs for more than forty minutes of music of destiny from ominous pace, a mega trip that chains us to the chair, and invites us to a diabolical Sabbath, mesmerizing and dangerous, a long and dramatic adventure lost in dark deserts where the sun is a ball deadly tar very black and very warm, a slow agony that has in the sabbatical notes of the Silvercomb single, in Nightbreed dozers and in the closing title track, its magmatic black pearls.“

- THE OBELISK, JJ Koczan, OCT 4, 2016
“Watchtower” has a meaner chug than opener “Nightbreed”, and the centerpiece “Silvercomb” delves into feedback-laden horror atmospherics, but it’s in the closing duo of “Slowthorn” and “Haunted” that Haunted most assuredly affirm their rolling intention."

- DOOMSPEAKERS, Will, SEP 28, 2016
"A new member of the dark congregation emerges. Five self-proclaimed banshees from Sicily calling themselves Haunted have just arrived onto our doomy stage, and their debut release is a masterfully crafted oratorio of darkness and despair.
Haunted specialise in a kind of ritualistic doom, characterised by long tracks, churning heaviness and ethereal vocals. There’s an unmistakable B-movie horror vibe that stirs in each track, and the album is delivered with a touch of gritty elegance and cinematic flair. Every track overflows with thick, smoky riffs, cast against soft arias and mournful laments. The atmosphere is malevolent, and the style drenched in occultish terror.
Moreover, there is something unique about Italian doom bands. They seem to exist in a microcosm, inspired perhaps by the insular and secluded history of Italian filmmaking. Haunted has a definite cinematic quality, drawn from an Italian giallo tradition rooted in fucked-up brilliance and challenging, anti-Hollywood aesthetics. When you look back at the classics of Italian horror like Suspiria (1977)or Deep Red (1975), you’ll find that the musical score always plays a leading role in creating a true sense of dread and mystery. When you listen to Haunted, it’s not hard to imagine a track like“Watchtower” being played back over a clip from a Dario Argento film; there’s something about the style – it just fits.
Haunted is the soundtrack to your dark summoning ritual. All you have to do is draw yourself a pentagram and make sure the cameras are rolling. Don’t forget the candles."

- SUONI DISTORTI MAGAZINE, Francesco "Chiodometallico" Russo, SEP 27, 2016
"Listening to the record will be impossible to resist the sound of Haunted’s tentacles, which will envelop you with no way of escape, making you victims (delighted) of these about forty minutes that will flow smoothly without ever boring and, indeed, instigating to press the Play button of the player at the end of all listening!
Who discovered these Haunted, although they don’t lead news (which I’m not necessarily looking for) like and will appeal to all lovers of such sounds. Among other things, The Lp was accurate in every detail, from artwork to environments between the tracks and emerged out of a job that converges a bit all the stylistic elements of the genre without leaving anything to chance - created with the greatest authenticity and knowledge of cause. For me one of the best debuts of this year!”

- THE SHRIEKS FROM BELOW, Stephen Woodier, SEP 11, 2016
"Whereas Black Sabbath was the serial killer with his knife at your throat, this album from Haunted conjures images of the unimaginable presence lurking in the closet, deep down, you know nothing is there, but until you open the door, if you can summon the courage, you can't be certain.
'Haunted', by Haunted isn't an album.....its a seance!”

- DOOMED & STONED, Papa Paul, SEP 11, 2016
*** Haunted hits the Doom Charts at #5!!! ***
"It’s not surprising they made the charts on their debut album . There brand of doom has broad appeal with touches of sludge, psychedelia, stoner, and occultic vibes. It is dark and eerie from start to finish."

- METAL INVADER, Themistoklas, SEP 10, 2016
"No, not the Swedish band. It’s Haunted, not The Haunted. These guys are Italians. I think from Sicily if I remember correctly. What? No, they are playing neither death metal, nor thrash. Hey, I’m telling you it’s another band! Why don’t you get it? They sound like Electric Wizard with female vocals. Cool right? Do you know Windhand? Something like that. The whole band is rolled in dirt and mud on the floor, but the singer stands with her maxi dress and her high heels… elegant as fuck. Yeah, Acid King play something similar to this, but Haunted areis more lyrical. Maybe, it’s because of Verdi and their Latin culture. Who knows! Now that we are talking about it, their singer reminds me a bit of Tanya from Greek doomsters Uninverse217. It might be the Mediterranean atmosphere then causing all this sweetness. Avatarium? No, no, they are more metal than heavy and their sound is so clear you can drink water straight up from it with safety. The sound of Haunted is full of rocks, mud, destruction and tons of dirt. Nevertheless, the truth is that the five songs that are presented here (43 minutes) are rolling very-very smoothly. Especially the 9 minute song Slowthorn… you will listen to it over and over again and will be like the first time. Finally, I have to give credit to the emerging label Twin Earth for adding one more masterpiece at their collection."

- METAL NEXUS, Dragon, AUG 27, 2016
" I do not make such a bold statement with carefree, reckless abandon either, no, not at all but this thing is an incredibly magnificent opus to all that is heavily fuzzened with doomed might, vintage in sound, atmospheric in nuance, and massive in all that is good in the realm of Doom/Stoner Rock!"

- DESERT PSYCHLIST, Frazer Jones, AUG 27, 2016
"Nightbreed" opens "Haunted", its intro, of rumbling thunder, insectoid chirping and movie clip soundbytes the perfect example of the musical cinematography referred to in this articles first paragraph. Doom, as we know, thrives on the atmosphere created within its music and Haunted's mix of sabbathian grooves and dark occult themes absolutly drips with the stuff. Bassist Tudisco and drummer Cimino provide massive walls of thick creamy rhythmic groove around which guitarists Bauso and Orlando wind majestic and darkly potent six-string magic, the four musicians coming together as a whole to create sonic canvases onto which haunting vocal brushstrokes are then painted, Chimirri's vocals, distinctive and powerful, soar banshee-like over a variety of doom drenched backdrops dripping with strong heavy riffage, thundering rhythms and scorching guitar solos, her melancholy and slightly ethereal tones colouring every song in billowing shrouds of dark mystic vocal beauty."

"We’re always in the mood for new stoner doom bands at The Sludgelord and today is no different, Haunted worship at the altar of the godfathers of doom Black Sabbath... Hail satan, worship doom!"

- THE STONE LORD, MAG 31, 2016
"What could be better than a powerful female voice combined with Iommic riffs? I think is very hard to find better things in life. Haunted is a band from 5 pieces born in Italy. They give us a fresh Stoner/Doom which achieves that intensity that’s very difficult to reach.”


released August 31, 2016

Haunted as:
Francesco Bauso: Guitars
Cristina Chimirri: Vocals
Valerio Cimino: Drums
Francesco Orlando: Guitars
Frank Tudisco: Bass
Carlo Longo: Sound Engineer
Davide Oliveri: Drum Technician
Recorded & Mixed by Carlo Longo at NuevArte Studio, Catania, IT
March/April 2016
Mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks, Bethlehem, PA
June 2016
Artwork & Layout by Sandro Di Girolamo
Band Photo alteration by Burning Moon
Original Band Photo by Giusy Grande



all rights reserved


Haunted Catania, Italy

Catania based death-on-ten-legs HAUNTED manifest themselves in 2015, when gathered to came out in the wash their s(low) sub- sabbathian dirge.

The banshees released their debut S/T full-length album in Digital and Digipack formats via TWIN EARTH RECORDS on August, 31st 2016.
"Haunted" LP instead, has been printed and released in two colored versions. Distributed worldwide the 31st October, 2016.
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